Spring Initiation 2012

Jun 2, 2012 Outside of Winston Chung Hall

Initiation Details

In order to become an official member of Tau Beta Pi, you must be:

  • 1. Eligible

    Denoted by scholastic achievement as 1/5th of your senior class or 1/8th of your junior class.
  • 2. Elected

    After demonstrating exemplary character and integrity you are elected by the chapter to become initiated; the chapter submits paperwork to nationals saying that you are of exemplary character and you should be initiated to Tau Beta Pi; you are considered an “initiate” until you become formally initiated as a “member” of Tau Beta Pi.
  • 3. Initiated

    You are formally initiated as a member of our chapter and Tau Beta Pi Headquarters; YOU CANNOT BE AN OFFICIAL MEMBER UNLESS YOU ATTEND THE INITIATION.

To be elected for initiation, you must (if eligible):

  1. Send an email to stating your interest in continuing with election.
  2. Submit a Resumé (undergraduates) or curriculum vitae (graduates) sent to
  3. Attend any of either community service, academic, professional, or social events for a total of 4 events by initiation
  4. Attend an appointed interview.

After being elected, you will be notified to pay your life membership dues and attend the nearest initiation ceremony.

Any questions about the requirements or process of becoming a member can be directed to