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Initiation Details

In order to become an official member of Tau Beta Pi, you must be:

1. Eligible

  • Denoted by scholastic achievement as 1/5th of your senior class or 1/8th of your junior class.

2. Elected

  • After demonstrating exemplary character and integrity you are elected by the chapter to become initiated; the chapter submits paperwork to nationals saying that you are of exemplary character and you should be initiated to Tau Beta Pi; you are considered an “initiate” until you become formally initiated as a “member” of Tau Beta Pi.

3. Initiated

  • You are formally initiated as a member of our chapter and Tau Beta Pi Headquarters; YOU CANNOT BE AN OFFICIAL MEMBER UNLESS YOU ATTEND THE INITIATION.

To be elected for initiation, you must (if eligible):

  1. Send an email to stating your interest in continuing with election.

  2. Submit a Resumé (undergraduates) or curriculum vitae (graduates) sent to

  3. Attend any of either community service, academic, professional, or social events for a total of 4 events by initiation

  4. Attend an appointed interview. 

  • After being elected, you will be notified to pay your life membership dues and attend the nearest initiation ceremony.

  • Any questions about the requirements or process of becoming a member can be directed to