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Tau Beta Pi is the oldest engineering honor society and second oldest honor society in the United States, founded in 1885 at Lehigh University by Edwards H. Williams Jr. "to recognize students of exemplary character and distinguished scholarship." The California Alpha Beta Chapter at the University of California Riverside was incorporated in 2005.



Membership in Tau Beta Pi is by invitation only. In order to be invited, you must be:

  • Majoring in an approved engineering major. *
  • In the top one-eighth of the junior class or top one-fifth of the senior class consisting of those in approved majors by GPA. **

Eligible students will receive an emailed invitation to with instructions to attend an informational presentation about our organization. Please keep an eye out for an email with the subject "Tau Beta Pi Invitation" which will be sent sometime in the first few weeks of the quarter.

* Most ABET-accredited BCOE majors are approved. Please contact if you have any questions about your membership eligibility.

** This implies that only students with junior or senior standing are eligible to join.



After attending an information session, you will become an initiate. In order for an initiate to be eligible to become a full member, they must:

  • Attend a minimum of three approved events before initiation. Approved events include social events, professional development events, study jams and any other event or activity that is approved by the Initiation Chair.
  • Attend an interview with a chapter officer.
  • Pay one-time membership dues (currently $100).

Initiates who are of exemplary character and fulfill these requirements will be invited to attend an initiation ceremony. Participation in the initiation ceremony is mandatory for becoming a full member of Tau Beta Pi. Upon the conclusion of the initiation ceremony, the initiates in attendance will become full members of Tau Beta Pi. Membership is lifelong.

The above information only applies to undergraduate students. Graduate students and eminent engineers should contact to obtain specific information about their membership eligibility and the initiation process that they will follow.


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